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December 23, 2023 – February 23, 2024

Goals Achieved




Goals Achieved


Leading Donors

PGP Co’24

Donated 1 Crore

PGP Co’23

Donated 5 Crore

PGP Co’22

Donated 2 Crore

Together for More

A diverse network of contributors has empowered generations of business leaders to find the starting grid. This support has also empowered transformative research outcomes that redefined business paradigms globally. Read on to find out how you can further this legacy through the Alumni Giving Initiative.

Help us realise the 25 for 25 goal

We believe that elite talent requires top-of-the-line training and education. Your support will enable more talent to access ISB’s premier education and make our impact more tangible.

The School aims to award a minimum of 25% of the tuition fee in the form of scholarships to 25% of the nearly 1500 students in the incoming PGP, PGPMAX, PGPpro, and AMP suite classes of 2025.
We call it the 25 for 25 goal.

This scholarship award calls for a commitment of ₹25 Cr in the upcoming academic year. We seek your support to raise 20% (INR 5 Cr) of the required amount through this giving initiative between December 23, 2023 and February 23, 2024.

*The balance of funds required for the award of the intended number of scholarships in the  upcoming year will be met through existing donor commitments and the School’s own funds.
How scholarships can step up the momentum
Diverse talent unlocks the possibility of new business and leadership avenues. We aspireto expand the scholarship umbrella to attract candidates from unique geographical and educational backgrounds. The Alumni Giving Initiative is a core component of this mission.

Giving by ISB’s donors has been a cornerstone of our ability to stay true to the vision of being a world-class B-school capable of producing leaders for the global stage. Not only has it aided our reputation for offering world-class academic programmes and thought leadership but also encouraged us to embark on our third decade with a bold vision of creating impact.

I look forward to your continued support and partnership in helping ISB fulfil its potential.

Madan Pillutla
Dean and Professor of Organisational Behaviour
Indian School of Business

See the shift each contribution achieves

The power of community and collective action has unearthed thousands of success stories at ISB. Whether it is scholarships, research facilities, or infrastructure development, our generous network of alumni contributors has made extensive efforts to fulfill the vision of inclusive development.

70+ Students

supported through scholarships

8 Research

grants awarded

11 Facilities


Giving by corporate donors, and funding by the School has also enabled ISB to award a further 260-odd scholarships to deserving students till date.

Inspire greatness through your support


Help enable high-calibre candidates to reach their full potential

Your contributions will create a gateway into ISB for aspiring business leaders who may be held back by financial constraints. It’s a way for you to share the academic excellence and state-of-the-art learning that you experienced during your time at the school. We aim to continuously refine our scholarship programmes to build a community of leaders that is more diverse, inclusive and has an eye on the future.

Research Support

Help keep ISB at the cutting edge of business research and leadership

Research is at the core of our vision to foster executive thought leadership. Through the resilient efforts of our generous contributors, we are India’s top research institution. We aim to redefine the standards of leading-edge research across the world. Your support will be pivotal to taking this success story to the world and refining it at each step of the way through advanced infrastructure and rarified talent.

Benefit Through Giving

By supporting the School, you can also avail tax advantages, resulting in mutual benefit.

  • ISB, a registered not-for-profit under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 (formerly Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956), qualifies for tax exemption under Section 80G and can receive foreign contributions under FCRA regulations.
  • Alumni resident in USA can donate to ISB through the Friends of ISB Foundation (FISBF) and claim applicable tax benefits.
  • Contributions of INR 1 Lakh and above will be prominently recognised on the School’s website, at the Hyderabad and Mohali campuses and in periodic outreach materials.

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